Skis & Tiaks

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  • Hok Ski


    The Hok ski is a synthesis of snowshoe and ski, combining the utility and ease of snowshoes with the fun of skis. We make the Hoks in two sizes, 125 cmm and 145 cm. While there is the usual weight and size component to sizing the Hok, there are other considerations as well.

  • Kōm Ski Package


    For a limited time we are offering an introductory package for the new Kōm ski. The package includes, the 162cm Kōm, the Altai Skis 3 pin cable binding, and the Scarpa T4 boot. normal price for these three items is $783.00, and our introductory price is $699.

  • Kōm Ski


    The Kōm is a ski we have been working on for a few years, and the idea of it goes back to the start of Altai Skis. It’s a dedicated backcountry ski without many of the usual compromises. The Kōm can be skied with a downhill focus and it rises to lighter XCD touring use with a fun, stable feel.

  • Tiak


    We cut a number of poles this summer and fall, and have been seasoning them since. They are then hand peeled, trimmed, sculpted, and branded (literally). We then finish them with a light linseed oil and a strap at the top. They are very strong and handy to have on any winter adventure in the woods or mountains.  We will offer a 1 year warrantee on them, and look forward to getting people to try this ancient but incredibly functional and intuitive style of skiing.