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  • Adapter Plate


    The Adapter Plate allows you to mount Salomon SNS BC and Rottefella NNN BC bindings on the Hoks without drilling the skis.  Both the SNS BC and the NNN BC are quite sturdy and have more supportive boots then the standard SNS and NNN bindings used for track skiing. The adapter plates come with the necessary screws for mounting either binding to the Hoks.

    The plates can also be used for other bindings like the Berwins.

  • 3 Pin Heel Piece Kit


    We are big fans of the 3 pin (75mm ) system. This boot binding combination is sturdy, offers great ski control, is light, and tours really well. They are also plentiful and inexpensive. If you have some classic old leather Asolos or Merrells (or Fabiano’s, Scarpas, Heierlings, Alicos…) and some 3 pins, Hoks are a great way to put them to use. This year we are offering a Heel Piece Kit. The kit includes the custom heel pieces, designed to use inserts in the ski for no drill mounting, and adjustable to fit any size 3 pin boot. Along with the heel pieces, all the machine screws for mounting your 3 pins are included, along with a packet of threadlocker to keep the screws from loosening in the inserts. Screw size is M6 (6 mm) and lengths are 16 mm for the heel pieces and 12 mm for the toe pieces. This is an inexpensive and effective way to get going on a pair of Hoks.

  • Ski Strap


    18″ski strap made by Voile with the Altai Skis logo  on it. Orange, so they are easy to find in the snow! These are the best ski straps going and we keep a few of them in our backcountry kit for all purpose strapping, repair, first aid… they are very handy.